31 January 2014

Portugal "O" Meeting 2014... already in one month!


POM is increasingly becoming a big international event, and that's why i'm writting this post in english.

In less than 30 days, more than one thousand of orienteers will be running Portugal "O" Meeting in Gouveia!

Have you seen the amazing video with images from the terrain? Check it here:

You have now 10 more days to make the registration with cheaper prices. Takes the opportunity!

2 model events + 4 days of competition (5 races + precision-o). Find all the technical information in the "competition" area of POM's page.

The whole programme:

10 February 2014 (Monday)

Deadline for registration with lower entry fees.

17 February 2014 (Monday)

Deadline for registration in Competition and Formation classes. 
After that, the entries will only be available to Open Classes, depending on map availability.

27 February 2014 (Thursday - day 0)

11h00 - Opening of Event Center in Gouveia
12h00 - Opening of Model Event (Vale do Rossim)
18h00 - Closing of Model Event 
23h00 - Closing of Event Center

28 February 2014 (Friday - day 0)

09h00 - Opening of Event Center in Gouveia
10h00 - Opening of Model Event (Arcozelo & Vale do Rossim)
18h00 - Closing of Model Event 
23h00 - Closing of Event Center 

*On the competition days the event center will be replaced by the Information Desk at the Arena 

1 March 2014 (Saturday - day 1)

 09h00 - Opening of Information Desk at the Arena (Vila Nova de Tazem)
11h00 - 1st Start / Intermediate Distance / Vila Nova de Tazem
11h30 to 13h00 - Start of Open Classes & M/W10
17h00 - Opening of Information Desk at the Arena - Gouveia
18h45 - 1st Start / Night Sprint / Gouveia
19h00 to 20h00 - Start of Open Classes & M/W10

2 March 2014 (Sunday - day 2)

07h30 - Opening of Information Desk at the Arena (Arcozelo)
09h00 - 1st Start / Middle Distance /Arcozelo Este
09h30 to 11h00 – Start of Open Classes & M/W10
13h00 - Closing of Trail-O Quarantine (Portugal Team Selection)
13h30 - 1st Start / Trail-O / Sra dos Verdes
18h15 - Trail-O Prize Giving Ceremony
20H00 - POM 2014 Official Banquet – Folgosinho

3 March 2014 (Monday -  day 3)

09h00 - 1st Start / Long Distance / Arcozelo
08h30 - Opening of Information Desk at the Arena (Arcozelo)
10h00 - 1st Start / Middle Distance / Arcozelo Oeste (WRE)
10h30 to 12h00 – Start of Open Classes & M/W10
14h30 - WRE Prize Giving Ceremony

4 March 2014 (Tuesday - day 4)

08h00 - Opening of Information Desk at the Arena (Arcozelo)
09h30 to 11h00 – Start of Open Classes & M/W10
10h30 - Start of Chasing Start to MSE & WE
11h30 - Mass Start to MSE & WE
14h00 - Closing and Prize giving Ceremony of POM 2014

                             Are you going to miss it?

27 January 2014

Orienteering's last weekends


2014 chegou e durante o 1º mês do ano todos os fins de semana foram repletos de orientação:

Dia 4/5 - prova - III CAOM
3ª classificada em ambos os dias. Mapas:

III CAOM - Longa (04-01-2014)
III CAOM longa

III CAOM - média (06-01-2014)
III CAOM média

Dia 11/12 - Estágio de Seleção em Alter do Chão
2º estágio de preparação para o EOC. Alguns dos mapas:

Estágio Seleção - Corredor (11-01-2014)
Estágio Seleção - Chasing Start (12-01-2014)
Chasing Start

Dia 18/19 - Colocação de fitas e testes aos percursos do POM.
Mapas disponíveis daqui a algumas semanas ;)

Dia 25/26 - prova - NAOM 2014
8ª classificada da geral das médias, 7ª no sprint. Mapas:

NAOM 2014 W21E day 1 (25-01-2014)
NAOM média dia 1


NAOM 2014 W21E day 2 (26-01-2014)
NAOM média dia 2

Se tudo correr como previsto, até Abril todos os fins de semana serão ocupados como estes..