08 February 2013

Back in Portugal ("O" Meeting)

Hey hey!

I'll write this post in english because I want to share it with all my friends with who I was living on the last 5 months in Poland.

I'm now back in Lisbon after my ERASMUS time in Poland.

I want to say thank you to everyone who spent so many good moments with me in this such good period of my live. It was for sure one of the best experience I've ever had and I'll never forget this great time and this good people and new friends!

Also a "Dziekuje bardzo" to all my polish orienteer friends who helped me a lot, gave me good orienteering training opportunities and teach me some polish words :)    

Hope to see you all, someday and somewhere!

Now is time to start my orienteering season. Tomorrow, after 2 nights at home, I'm going to Idanha a Nova to run Portugal "O" Meeting. I'll run 5 races in 4 days (I'll just run one of the two sprints).
Then, on tuesday I'm going to a training camp with the national team in Marinha Grande until saturday when starts another WRE weekend, XIV Meeting de Orientação do Centro.

See you,

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